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Keyboard shortcuts

This sheet lists some useful keyboard shortcuts in ODIN. Many of the shortcuts are the same as those that you use in other apps (such as Strg+CorCmd+C to copy).

Microsoft Windows

Main Shortcuts
F11 Toogle Fullscreen
Alt+Strg+M Open Projects
Alt+Strg+B Open Basemaps
Strg+Shift+= Zoom In
Strg+- Zoom Out (verkleinern)
Strg+0 Zoom to 100%
Click Select Object
Alt+Click Delete Point
Umsch+Click Move selected (multipoint) object
Umsch+Click Drag area on map with mouse
STRG+Click selcet several objects on the Map (area)
Strg+A Select All
Strg+C Copy Object (Clipboard)
Strg+V Insert Object (Clipboard)
Strg+X Cut Object (Clipboard)
Entf Delete Object
Strg+Z Undo
Strg+Schift+Z Redo
Strg+M Minimize Window
Strg+W Close Application


Control+Command+F Toggle Fullscreen
Command+F Open Search
Command+P Show Palette
Command++ Zoom In
Command+- Zoom Out
Command+0 Zoom to 100%
Command+L Show Labels (until 1:250.000)
Command+1 Map 1
Command+(n) Map (n)
Click Select Object
Ctrl+Click Select Point
Command+A Select All
Command+C Copy Object (Clipboard)
Command+V Insert Object (Clipboard)
Command+X Cut Object
Command+Rück Delete Object
Ctrl+Rück Delete Object
Command+Z Undo
Command+Schift+Z Redo
Command+B Bookmark this Location
Option+C Copy Coordinate (Clipboard)
Command+H Minimize Window
Command+W Close Window
Command+Q Close Application
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