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We at Syncpoint GmbH have set ourselves the goal of becoming an open-source alternative to industry-led, commercial command-and-control information systems. We believe that it is time for a paradigm shift.

Our experience in this field results from years of technical consulting as a service provider for the Austrian Armed Forces in the co-development of the FüIS "PHÖNIX", as well as from the research project "INTERPRETER" (cooperation of civilian and military forces in disaster management), in which we cooperated with renowned research institutions such as the Austrian Institute of Technology (AIT) and Joanneum Research.

Currently, we are also working in parallel on the research project "PIONEER" (digitalization of the reconnaissance process) together with AIT and Austrian Federal Ministry of Defense, where we intend to use ODIN platform as a prototype for evaluation.

We came to know quite a few C2IS at international testing and verification sessions (CWIX, MIP). We think most of them are overly complex and hard to operate, especially in an ad-hoc manner. Operators need time-consuming and costly training, as well as in case of prolonged "non-use" of the system, the usage and operation can often no longer be ensured easily. We think that we can do better. Hence we started out to develop a new generation of C2IS as of March 2020.

We are aware that there is still a long way to go to fulfill our vision. We are therefore continuously improving (basically with monthly updates) the capabilities of ODIN to meet the needs of operators and tacticians.

Basic data about ODIN

  • Open source product and therefore usable free of charge for everyone (permissive MIT license);
  • use of various online maps (incl. their "overlaid" display);
  • user interface in German, English, French and Spanish;
  • symbols according to MIL-STD 2525C (approx. 95% are currently implemented - excluding METOC);
  • symbols according to NATO STANDARD ATP-112, as well as national tactical symbols (Effect Verbs/Action Verbs);
  • executable for the operating systems Windows, Linux and macOS ;
  • project and layer management incl. export/import of data for external dispatch;
  • GIS tools (measure distance/area);
  • print with scale (PDF and JPEG formats)
  • free text tool and simple display changes (colors, symbol sizes, line thickness, etc.)
  • data is currently stored locally;
  • and the most important ease of use.


This means that anyone can use the software in any context. The source code may be changed arbitrarily and these changes do not have to be published. Even commercial use of ODIN by third parties is allowed.

Vendor lock-in is therefore a non-issue with ODIN.

However, the decision for open source is primarily a decision for maximum transparency for us. Our customers and partners can examine ODIN, explore possible areas of application and evaluate compatibility with existing infrastructure, and all this without having to buy a pig in a poke.


To avoid implementing features or other useless "gimmicks" for operators or tacticians, we would appreciate your feedback on ODIN!

Contact options: (email, GitHub, Slack)

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